At Thomas A Becket we pride ourselves on children achieving high standards of handwriting through daily writing activities and formal handwriting teaching at least three times a week.  The children are taught handwriting through the handwriting families known as 'Curly Caterpillar Letters, Ladder Letters, Zig-Zag Monster Letters and One-Armed Robot Letters'. Teaching through the handwriting families allows children to recognise where certain letters begin and end. This also ensures consistency with form and size. 


To foster good and consistent handwriting through each year group, children are encouraged to learn letter formation using a letter rhyme (script), derived from Read Write Inc. This enables ALL children to access the learning. When children enter school at Reception age, they are encouraged first and foremost to develop gross and fine motor accuracy and are informally assessed to gauge where they are on the continuum scale that will ultimately see them become successful writers as they work through their infant school years. As a school, we recognise the importance of developing gross and fine motor skills through activities that allow children to cross the midline and develop good pencil grip and movement to become successful writers. 

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