Welcome from the Governors

Our governors' mission statement for Thomas A'Becket Infant School is:

  • To ensure a safe, nurturing environment for pupils, staff and volunteers that promotes lifelong learning delivered to the highest standards.

  • To ensure that all decisions and activities of the Governing Body are based in the first instance on the needs of the children in our care.


Local Authority Governor, I am Martin Winstone:

  • Responsibility: Chair of Governors

  • Attends all Committee Meetings

  • Monitors: Health & Safety & P.E.

Over 20 years serving in various capacities as a School Governor has given me an excellent insight into the Governor process and requirements as well as a deep understanding of the school and local authority requirements. I have always involved myself in school life being a regular attendee at school concerts, fairs and other functions such as Parents Evenings. I have acted as an adult helper on residential trips. This has allowed long lasting relationships to be forged with school staff as well as allowing me a greater understanding of many of the issues faced at the school.


The Governors have provided the following documents for information. If you are interested in becoming a Governor, please see the next page...