We know that children learn best when they are secure, confident and motivated. They learn through being physically active, play and language. Early learning is particularly effective when children are involved in choosing their own activities. 

Within the Early Years Foundation Stage we aim for all children to develop positive attitudes and dispositions towards learning - in particular an enthusiasm and knowledge for learning and a confidence in their ability to be successful learners. 


Foundation Stage Curriculum
The Curriculum is divided into 7 Areas of Learning and Development. Children will develop skills in the 3 Prime Areas initially. These Prime Areas enable them to more successfully develop in the other areas. However, all children are unique, as is their development and we are committed to adapting our planning for all our children to meet and their individual need.

For development and progress to occur children need to have strong emotional well-being, develop positive relationships with adults and peers and achieve high levels of engagement.
Styles of teaching will vary according to task: they may be teacher led or child led and they will involve the indoor and outdoor environment.