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Curriculum Intent

At Thomas A ‘Becket Infant School we deliver an ambitious, high quality, purposeful and stimulating curriculum which aims to engage and inspire our children to be successful learners. As an Infant school we endeavour to equip our children with the foundation and enthusiasm for learning to fulfil their unique potential. We believe in giving children a wide variety of memorable learning and enrichment experiences which enable them to become confident with the world around them and to be able to demonstrate our 'Values' of respect, effort, positive attitude, collaboration and honesty (REACH).

Creative Curriculum 

Our creative cross-curricular approach intends to enthuse and excite our children. Underpinning this are the important key skills, knowledge and understanding sequenced to enable the children to make good progress. This is delivered through high quality teaching and provision which enables children to connect meaningful and purposeful, first-hand learning experiences and fulfil their learning potential. We believe that the curriculum can be delivered through indoor and outdoor learning environments which support the development of independence, self-esteem, confidence, communication, creativity and a willingness to take risks.

Our curriculum is underpinned by 4 key drivers:

1. Learning in a Nurturing Environment

Our ‘REACH for the Stars Values' support the development of ‘Emotional Literacy’ and are taught implicitly and explicitly throughout the curriculum, encouraging children to identify their own and others feelings and understand how actions and choices affect those around us, including recognising how best they can learn. This holistic approach aims to create a safe environment for our children, in which they know that their voices are heard and positive relationships are the foundation to our teaching and learning.

2. Inclusion and Equity for all

Our approach ensures that teaching and learning is accessible for all and adapted to meet the needs of individual learners. We recognise and celebrate our diverse community ensuring children understand and respect difference in the world around them. We understand that emotional and physical wellbeing is key to being a successful learner. We support the children in developing healthy and active lifestyle choices through our indoor and outdoor provision.


Strong partnerships are created with Parents/Carers, families, outside agencies and the community in which we work together and support each other.

4.Inspiration, Creativity and Possibility

At Thomas A’Becket Infant School we understand we are building the foundations to learning for our children, imparting key knowledge and skills that will begin their learning journey. We create immersive  learning that places a high priority on developing a broad vocabulary and love of reading by using high quality books and inspirational resources, thereby allowing children to view the possibilities of learning.  

If you have any queries/questions related to our curriculum, please contact:

Mrs Xanthe Wrigley

Assistant Head Teacher (Teaching and Learning)

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