School Development Plan

We have five main key issues within our plan for 2021 – 2022 and these are outlined below :

Key Issue 1: To continue to develop the curriculum so it enhances children's experiences, increases levels of engagement and supports the development of the key skills needed to move on and become successful learners      

Key Issue 2:  To promote a consistent, positive culture of behaviour support across the school, supporting children to become emotionally literate and to develop their ability to regulate To enable children to have high levels of self care and awareness as well as to be able to empathise with others and embrace their differences.     

Key Issue 3:   To ensure our curriculum is reflective of the local community and wider world and gives children the opportunity to develop the skills to contribute positively to our local community and wider society      

Key Issue 4:   To develop the new leadership structure and teams to promote collaboration and cohesion and facilitate a reflective environment where staff feel confident to take risks and develop their teaching.    

Key Issue 5:   To develop high quality learning experiences and outcomes for all children relative to their starting points in line with the EYFS framework updates.