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Our amazing FABS Team (PTA) do an incredible job or raising funds to support amazing resources for our children that the school would not be able to fund from our budget!

Over the last three years they have funded such things as:

  • New playground and field climbing equipment

  • A 'Christmas Experience' for every class including workshop and gifts for every child

  • Funds for our Nurture Farm

  • Leavers T-Shirt

  • Leavers Celebrations

  • Individual drawers for Year 2 children

  • Reading books

  • Ice lollies at the beach

  • Chromebooks

  • Basketball hoops

  • Rewards for 100 Star Treats

  • EAL and Diversity Books

  • Playground play equipment

  • Storage Units

  • Reading sheds and soft furnishings

  • Balance bikes

And they are currently fundraising for our BRAND NEW LIBRARY coming SEPTEMBER 2024!


For information about FABS please
find us on Facebook or Instagram 

or email

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