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Phonics is taught in a systematic and consistent way, supporting children to learn the key building blocks for reading. The video explains how we teach phonics at Thomas A' Becket Infant School. The children progress through phases of sounds, which are learnt in Reception and continued to Year 2. The children learn how to use these sounds to read words and then progress to reading sentences. Please see the Glossary of Phonic Terms which helps to explain important phonic language and terms.


The order of how these sounds are taught, are in the Phonic Overviews below. Alongside the sounds, children learn an action and catchphrase which they sing. The GPC charts below, show you the phoneme, the grapheme; and the picture, action and catchphrase that the children learn in correlation to each other.

In school, the children use Grapheme Mats to help them to apply their phonic knowledge to their writing. These are shown below.

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