Throughout the week your child takes part in a range of activities to support their reading, writing and phonic development.

Your child will come home with a book/word sheet, please work on this at home with your child.

Your child is encouraged to choose from a variety of books within their colour 'book band'. We would like them to become independent when making their selections.

Their ‘Home Learning’ is to read every day to an adult for 10 mins. Please write the title of the book and a comment in the reading diary. (Reading Challenge)

There will be a comment from the school once every half term identifying 'Next-Steps'.

Please see the links below if you need help/support for reading with your child at home.

Daisy the 'Reading Dog'

Daisy is an amazing dog, but she cannot actually read! Some of the children come and read to her to help build up their confidence to read aloud. She is a regular visitor to the school.

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