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Hot School Meals


Chartwells provide meals on a three week menu cycle which changes twice per year. Visit the webpage to view the menus and order your child's meals. You can decide which days you want your child to have a hot meal. On each day there are two choices. Although we try to adjust ordering to ensure sufficient quantities of the most popular dish, we cannot always guarantee they will have their first choice on that day (jacket potatoes are also available). By knowing how many children are going to be participating in hot school meals each day, we can significantly reduce food wastage and also ensure that money is not being wasted through over-ordering meals that could otherwise be spent on equipment and materials to benefit our pupils.

If your child has a medically prescribed diet or any food allergies, this information must be passed directly to Chartwells directly at or for further information email

Packed Lunch

We are a nut free (due to allergies) and 'healthy eating' school. Parents are asked not to include chocolate bars/sweets, peanut butter or other nut based spreads/items or fizzy drinks in lunch boxes.

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