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A very warm welcome to Thomas A'Becket Infant School.

At Thomas A ‘Becket Infant school we deliver an ambitious, high quality, purposeful and stimulating curriculum which aims to engage and inspire our children to be successful learners. As an infant school we endeavour to equip our children with the foundations and enthusiasm for learning to fulfil their unique potential. We believe in giving children a wide variety of memorable learning and enrichment experiences which enable them to become confident with the world around them and to be able to demonstrate our 'Values' of respect, effort, positive attitude, collaboration and honesty (REACH).

Our 'School Values' are embedded throughout the curriculum. The children understand that these 'Values' promote a ‘Safe and Kind’ school, where we help the children through emotional literacy to be 'Ready to Learn'. This helps develop wellbeing within our school, so children feel safe to take healthy risks and 'REACH for the Stars'. Our 'School Values' are linked to both our 'Relationship Policy' and planning and support the personal development of all our children. Our school promotes an understanding of emotional literacy, so when children move on they already have a disposition of responsibility and a richer understanding of emotion. Emotional literacy supports self-regulation and encourages a deeper sense of belonging. Children will develop into positive members of our school and in turn, valuable members of our wider community.


Not all learning happens in the classroom and children truly value their outdoor learning environment and Forest School. Forest School provides a natural space for children to learn some practical life skills and develop collaborative working partnerships with others. The activities planned and implemented in Forest School have direct links to our classroom topics and provide many and varied opportunities to explore specific areas.


Please come and visit us here at Thomas A'Becket Infant School. We would be delighted to show you around!

Mrs Amanda Dingwall

Head Teacher

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